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Hornets’ Nest: Black and Blue

May 8 – May 8


By Sean Christopher Lewis
Directed by Francis X. Kuhn

Ten years ago Charlie was a cop on a beat and Marcus was a suspect in the Fuller Park section of Chicago. Their lives have gone in different directions, but questions remain. Now, Charlie's sister Charlotte is looking into the case, hoping to understand what really happened in order to avoid repeating her brother’s mistakes when she becomes a police officer herself. Where is the line between good police work and brutality? How can a police department ensure that it both protects and serves its whole community? What role can civilians play in helping others feel safe when interacting with the police?

Geva’s Hornets’ Nest Series presents readings of contemporary plays investigating some of the most challenging and controversial questions of our time. Galvanizing post-play discussions are led by key experts and instigators from the Rochester community.

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