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Hornets’ Nest: Building the Wall

Mar 20 – Mar 20


By Robert Schenkkan
Directed by Sean Patrick Reilly

It’s the near future, and the Trump administration has followed through on the President’s promise to detain and deport tens of thousands of people in the US without legal paperwork. But when their countries of origin won’t accept them, a new complication arises. As a professor interviews the supervisor of a private prison about his participation in carrying out the federal policy, we see one possible outcome. At what point does one become personally accountable for orders they’ve followed? Is a wall between the US and Mexico the right way to reform America’s immigration system?

Geva’s Hornets’ Nest Series presents readings of contemporary plays investigating some of the most challenging and controversial questions of our time. Galvanizing post-play discussions are led by key experts and instigators from the Rochester community.

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